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ALKA POOL - This impressive water wall acts as a water feature bringing an added elegance to the home with the added benefit of noise cancelling the nearby traffic. www.alkapool.com

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Use paintable caulk to patch small ceiling cracks, not drywall compound! If you use drywall compound the crack is likely to reappear plus you have to sand it, ugh! Prepare a small bowl with soapy water (about a cup of water + a tsp of dish soap), put enough caulk on the crack to fill it, dip your finger or a scraper in the soapy water and smooth over the caulk, wait till it's dry and paint!

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a water trombe wall combined with a dual purpose solar + stack ventilation chimney, with mechanically controlled vents, for an attached passive greenhouse/conservatory that also heats/cools the home, circulates air, and lets light and fresh air in

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Danish artist Jeppe Hein‘s art installation the ‘Triangular Water Pavilion’ features two walls made of spy mirror glass and a wall of water. When a visitor moves close enough to the water wall, they activate a sensor and it falls, opening up to allow them to step inside the triangle. After they enter, the water starts flowing again, trapping the visitor in a space surrounded by mirrors and water.

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Manmade structure - nature's water! Walls of water at the SouthBank London

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