Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas A very creative and resourceful project however it bogs the usefulness of a hiking stick down with its added weight. Much of the supplies or tools would be better off in a day pack where it could be carried with the back instead of tiring an arm.

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Phobaeticus chani, a stick bug from Borneo, is the world's longest insect. Looking like a pencil-thin shoot of bamboo, large specimens of the dull-green insect measure about 22 inches when its twig-like legs are extended. Its body length is about 14 inches.

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earth-song: Extinct For 80 Years: Giant Walking Stick Rediscovered Two Australian scientists, David Priddel and Nicholas Carlile have rediscovered Dryococelus australis, a giant walking stick, found on “Ball’s Pyramid.” It was thought to have died out. [read more]

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1. Learn the proper use and benefit of a walking stick. 2. Train in staff weapon defense. 3. When attaching tools and modifications to the stick, be sure to have duplicates in the rucksack in case I lose the stick.

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A Glorious Enterprise: The Making of American Science

'Leaf insects' (a lineage of tropical walking sticks). These remarkable Phasmida are found in rainforest canopes of tropical Asia. Included in this group are many newly described specimens from the Philippines. The others are from New Guinea and the Seychelles.

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DIY: Survival Walking Staff - Staff made of PVC pipe filled with survival necessities such as, knife, flint, first aide, water purification straw and so forth.

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