walk-in tub...I don't think it needs to be just for the handicapped or elderly.  I think it's safer than a regular tub (no slipping getting out).

This is a walkin bath tub. It is advertised to the elderly, but it is also very useful for those with disabilities such as lower limb amputee, MS, or any other that may not be able to cross over the regular bathtub barrier. it also has a seat inside.

Kholer 60" Rising Wall Soaking Bath Tub. A stylish alternative to walk-in and institutional-looking options, the Elevance Rising Wall bath offers the relaxing bathing experience you desire, with added accessibility. This bath is designed to allow you to sit down with ease as soon as you enter, unlike walk-in or traditional baths. It is sized for a standard 5' alcove so it can replace an existing bath or be used in new construction. Engineered to meet ADA guidelines.

The Elevance rising wall bathtub creates a much wider opening and a seat that can be transferred onto.

Macaw Walk-in Bathtub with Shower Stall Enclosure- Maybe for my momma when she lives with us :)

Really like the idea of a walk in. Want to test the seal? Macaw Walk-in Bathtub with Shower Stall Enclosure

walk-in tub.....just what i always wanted.......

Magnificent! Walk In Tubs

a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! It's like a pool in your bathroom! Heaven in my bathroom. pretty sure I won't be having this in my house but a girl can dream.

Pretty whirlpool walk-in tub and shower.  Also comes in wood grain too.  I like the modern clean look of it.

Teuco Corner Whirlpool Shower Integrates Shower With Bathtub

Pretty whirlpool walk-in tub and shower. Also comes in wood grain too. I don't like the size of it, but I do like the idea of doing a tub/shower combo with the glass instead of a shower curtain, keeping it open like that.