Wag definition

These are accurate and differ from dog tail speak. Cat communication is usually subtle.

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Actually it's what changed my life - I changed everything around me and work at home now because the loves of my life are here and the only 'people' I want to be around 24/7. This is work/life balance for me and I only wish I had done it sooner. Re-jig/renegotiate job roles so that it allows you to work from home instead of having to go into work elsewhere. There ARE ways around things, you just need to find them :)

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The most sincere apology I've ever gotten was my Baby. She is a big Baby and the love of my life. The true definition of unconditional love is shown with a wag of her tail. All it takes is the smallest smile from me and she is right by my side showing that love that only a GREAT Dane can show.

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Yes..that would be the beagle in this house even though the two cats were here first. Lol!

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Will Ferrell will play Mitch and look just like that, an example of this is, MITCH I’m out again. I oughta go home pretty soon. STANLEY Shut up. MITCH I gotta sick mother. She don’t go to sleep until I come in at night. (3.15-7)

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No they aren't so different. My dogs give me so much more than just a tail wag or a boy wiggle - they give me joy and laughter and distract me from many, many things, such as living with Fibromyalgia!

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