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Voting station. Children will vote for the book to read at the end of the day. Could be used for other books, activities, events etc in an Early Years classroom.


Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors are being forcibly removed from voting stations in some Philadelphia wards and replaced in some cases by Democratic inspectors and even members of the Black Panthers, according to GOP officials.

Christmas Cookie Exchange Party - Vote on best tasting, most unique, best looking cookie, etc. Give Christmas cookie trays as gifts for people to take home their goodies!


Ohio Voter Fraud! Democrats Busing In Samoli Muslims that CANNOT Speak English... COLUMBUS, Ohio ---Volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station observed van loads of Samoli Muslims voting that do NOT even live in Ohio....WHY IS THIS BEING ALLOWED? THIS CAN'T BE LEGAL! (PJ)


That means as of December, cable operators will no longer have to deliver dual analog and digital feeds of must-carry TV station signals to satisfy the FCC requirement that they be viewable to their subscribers. Instead, the FCC says that the no-cost and low-cost converter boxes cable operators offer will satisfy the still-important obligation to make must-carry stations accessible to viewers…