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For Von Miller, sacks and dances really have gone together

Broncos LB Von Miller credits 'Dancing With The Stars' for his fast start. 'I think having to struggle with that is definitely helping me here.'

LB Von Miller celebrates his franchise single-season record 17.5th sack of the year. Broncos vs. Browns 12-23-2012


Von Millers Bar you can see it on you tube when Eli Manning interviews him about his "Sack Dance". Love Von, love his bar!!!!!

Von Miller's sack dance was inspired by a Key & Peele kit. Also, he thinks Travis Kelce is a "fake Gronk."


Ubisoft to donate to Broncos’ Von Miller’s charity (Von’s Vision) each time he performs sack dance.


The Sack Dance The sack dance has really evolved in recent years, but Von Miller's aversion to a signature move is beautifully remiscent of the spastic Mark Gastineau dances. A sampling.