stydialovin: If you didn’t think Void Stiles was hot as hell, you’re freaking lying to yourself let-the-bunnies-hit-the-floor HOW DONT YOU REALZE

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Still really creepy... Stiles Teen wolf

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"I hear their voices now, from the wrong side of my skull." Truly, the Facility.

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Can You Make It Through These Insanely Hot Dylan O'Brien GIFs Without Passing Out?

Isit weird that I find him insanely attractive even when he's a captive? Just those eyes <3

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Dylan O'Brien : Void Stiles vs normal stiles smirk

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I wonder how much fun Dylan had throwing Tyler around since Derek is always throwing Stiles around.

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“I came for Void Stiles.”

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Void Stiles/ Teen wolf

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This clip is the best, also if you type in on YouTube Dylan O'brien drunk, there's another one of him shouting 'I fucking ruuule' then falling over

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O olhar do Stiles, quando foi o melhor vilão de todos ❤️❤️ ~Luiza Scarabel

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