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Vitamin D. Side Effects of Vitamin D is that it uses up more magnesium. And those who are already slightly magnesium deficient can get 'pushed over the edge' to have some symptoms from that.


When taking vitamin d, Magnesium and Vitamin D should ALWAYS be taken with the Vitamin D. Avoid the Side Effects of Vitamin D by Taking Magnesium.Taking vitamin d, vitamin d magnesium


Never Knew the Side Effects of Vitamin D Supplements? Read This

Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin D-3

Taking too much of any type of vitamin D, including D-3, elevates calcium levels in your body, leading to hypercalcemia. While hypercalcemia isn’t common in healthy people, if you take a high-dosage supplement for an extended period of time, your vitamin D levels become dangerously elevated. You’ll likely experience several side effects...

Side Effects of 500000 IU Vitamin D

When the body is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D, and after it is absorbed through the skin, it becomes a fat-soluble vitamin essential for healthy...