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multisensory phonics, reading, sight words for learning disabilities: aspergers, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, right brain learners, visual learners, beginning readers

from Integrated Learning Strategies

Learning Styles: Why "One Size Fits All" Doesn't Work

reviseordie: Something a little different to answer the question of ‘How should I study?’ I’ve done some research on the main three learning types- visual, auditory and kinesthetic, so just see which one fits you best (you might be more than one), and try out the six most popular methods I’ve found for each. For reference, I’m a visual learner, can you tell? Haha!

Create this DIY Slider Bag calculator for a fun way to answer your math questions! Great way to put number lines at your students' fingertips. Great for students with special learning needs. Very visual and tactile. Read more at: