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Behavioral Visual Cue Cards

Use these visual cue cards for your students all day long! I laminate mine and have them on a retractable clip that I place on my hip- easy access all day

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Visual Cue Cards

Visual Necklace for Students with Autism: Attach visuals to a binder ring or lanyard and use to quickly reinforce directions and redirect behavior.

Behavioral Reminders that can be quickly used by a teacher walking by to remind a student of their expected behavior.

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When Im Angry/Frustrated Visual Calming Card- These are great visual cue cards to use with a student while having a tantrum. These are simple steps to help students cope through overwhelming emotions. The visual pictures next to each step allow students to be able to do it independently.

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This FREEBIE is a poster to help teachers better analyze their students' errors on running records. Determine if students are using meaning, syntax, or visual cues while reading. - Michaela Almeida, Reading Royalty

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