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Potential Of Virtual Reality & Youth Research Infographic By Touch Stone Research

How virtual reality could put us into news stories | News reports often feel remote and irrelevant to our lives. But will that change with “immersive journalism” that places viewers in the centre of the story? [Video Glasses:]

How virtual reality could put us into news stories

In case you haven't been paying attention to the technological landscape recently, virtual reality and wearable technology is incredibly hot. Whether it's a Rift, Vive, Fitbit, or whatever, wearables are all the rage. While the tech offered now is cool, you can't help but think about where we'll be next. What kind of wearable devices…

Would You Like to Wear Your Next Computer?

The future of social media will probably include virtual reality. Learn more about recent advances in virtual reality and augmented reality from this infographic!

An awesome Virtual Reality pic! VR World Virtual Reality Glasses  VR World Virtual Reality Glasses is an Amazing Newest Rewarding Innovation turn your Smartphones into virtual reality viewer so start experiencing breathtaking world of VR World. Material:

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Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset

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Virtual reality, quite interested by this idea at the moment!

Don’t “date a girl in startups.” Hire a woman for your startup By Ladybits on Medium - Tech-savvy women creating the content we want to consume.

Virtual reality is being used therapeutically to help with psychological and physical ailments.

5 Therapeutic Ways to Use Virtual Reality