I'd say that's pretty accurate...more accurate than I've thought simple Virgo descriptions are of me

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I am somewhere in between. I am detail oriented,but also find that stuff tedious too. the 2nd part is totally me thoguh

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Virgo~Libra Cusp... This Is Noah !☆ Just found out both my kids are born on a CUSP between 2 star signs!!

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wiccateachings: “ Where you born on a Cusp between two star signs, You may have character traits from two star signs. Below is a description of the cusp signs. Aries-Taurus - Watch out world, here...

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Virgo Libra Cusp Poster. Astrological Cuspian Print. by ZodiacZone

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The cusp is the bridge of two signs. Which is the last six days and the first six days of every sign. PISCES/ARIES/TAURUS/GEMINI/CANCER/LEO/VIRGO/LIBRA/SCORPIO/SAGITTARIUS/AQUARIUS

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