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60% of Americans want a 3rd party. In the recent Virginia elections, 90% of them chickened out and voted for the lesser of the two evils. Man-up America. Don't waste your vote. Vote LIBERTARIAN PARTY. SOURCE: Wake the #SleepingGiant

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Jacques Lowe caught this image, a favorite of Jack’s, during an April 1960 stop in Charleston, West Virginia, just days before Kennedy won the primary. JFK has been claimed by a supporter and is enjoying it, as local pols and reporters follow along. Years later, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg presented a copy of this photo to President Bill Clinton, who put it in his “Kennedy corner,” a collection of Kennedy family memorabilia in Clinton’s private study on the second floor of the White House.

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ROMNEY'S TAX MATH DOES ADD UP "It's significant not just that the math can work but that the author of the study claiming it did not is now admitting, "Under those assumptions and policies it would be revenue neutral." Will Team Obama acknowledge the admission that the math can add up, or will we continue to hear the same objection to Romney's tax plan as if it hadn't happened?"

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JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump VIRGINIA Polls Released, Results Show GIANT Surge Over Recent Days (STATS)

A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place. Authorities Say That's Fine.

A Guy In A Trump Shirt Carried A Gun Outside Of A Virginia Polling Place. Authorities Say That’s Fine. The incident happened in the wealthiest county in America.

Man in Trump shirt with gun outside Virginia polling place. That's fine, as long as pulling it out of its holster is the last thing he ever does.

Bernie Sanders won every single county in the West Virginia primary ...exit polls stated almost all would vote for Trump if Bernie didn't get the nomination !!! Supporting Hillary doesn't seem like such a good idea now does it ?

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Hokies Finish Season Ranked No. 16 in Both AP, Coaches Polls

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