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Little Posies Gloves

Little Posies Gloves / vintage gloves / vintage gloves

Didn't all southern girls have a pair of Sunday-go-to-meetin' white gloves when we were little?

Didn't all us lil Southern girls have a pair of Sunday-go-to-meetin' lacey gloves, now didn't we.Sho nuff did!

Gloves should be worn on the streets of cities and large town, when going to church, to a luncheon, dinner or reception; a dance, a wedding or an official function. They are also worn to a restaurant and in the theater. Smart women usually wear gloves while travelling on a train or plane … or in any public conveyance. On formal occasions, gloves are worn by the guests and by the hostess, while she is receiving.

Old school glove etiquette. One never knows when glove etiquette will be needed!