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Vineet Bhatia (Rasio) recipes

This mushroom pastry recipe can be made in a variety of ways. Follow the full Vineet Bhatia recipe to create an impressive starter or simply make the puff pastry and mushroom elements and serve with a salad as a light lunch.

In this Vineet Bhatia chilli prawns recipe the prawns are battered and then fried. The fried prawns are served with a red onion and turmeric khichdi.

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This savoury mushroom pastry recipe is a delicious pastry to make. Lifafa mushrooms and spinach are matched with roasted tomato chutney in Vineet Bhatia's recipe.

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Chef Vineet Bhatia demonstrates how to make a delicious chicken tikka marinade recipe in this instructional video from Great British Chefs.

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This Indian rice kheer recipe from Rasoi's Vineet Bhatia has more flair than the usual kheer recipe - it is embellished with Mandarin and topped with chocolate.