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Deadly Tornado Devastates Illinois Town With Winds Up To 200 MPH

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Extreme up-close video of tornado near Wray, CO!

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Black holes are sometimes described as "giant vacuum cleaners in the sky", sucking in everything around them, but this description is highly inaccurate... so a better visualization would be that of a whirlpool or tornado curling like water ... The creators Spirit Science videos just released a new video describing Nassim Haramein's work on black holes and how to properly visualize the structure of the vacuum: (post by Jamie Janover)

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"Fire Dragon". One of natures rarest phenomena - a tornado composed of fire. Also called a fire devil, it occurs when warm rising air meets a fire and the rising mass of air pulls the fire up into the air,

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MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina, July 6, 2001, (VIDEO ONE), F1 and F2 tornadoes. Two unusual visitors disrupted the carefree routine of beach-goers in the late afternoon at this popular ocean resort town. This first video shows both the short-lived first EF1 that hit the north side of the beach and the other, stronger and more damaging and well-defined cone tornado to the south. Only minor injuries resulted. (Kevin@RKy)

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Spectacular pictures of nature at its wildest, captured by the storm chasers who risk their lives to follow twisters

the video Reed Timmer & his team took of this tornado is probably my favorite tornado video of all time (: (: - at Mulvane Kansas link to video:

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Great site for teaching kids about all kinds of weather, from earthquakes to thunderstorms! My kids love learning this stuff, and are always full of questions!

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When Nature Strikes: Science of Natural Hazards - each video is six minutes long and covers a single topic: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Flash Floods, Landslides, Tornadoes, Space Weather, Wildfires, and Tsunamis.

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"We may have just seen the strongest tornado in the history of the world" Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Credit @wx8ben"Heartbreaking Video of Tornado Destruction in Oklahoma - may 20, 2013

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Tornado potato skewers

Perhaps the coolest way to bake up a potato! You've got to try these Tornado Potato Skewers! With a mix of herbs, butter and cheese they are as delicious as they are fun to eat. Click for the video and recipe and enjoy!

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