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Zen - Seven - Jumin

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This is a great short video to introduce, or review, the topic of seven continents for Upper Primary students. It includes interesting facts such as: population, land mass and geographical features.

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That´s me everyone!

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SlantRight 2.0: Brigitte Gabriel's Israel Response to John Kerry -In a video released yesterday, ACT for America’s Brigitte Gabriel roasts Secretary of State John Kerry for his anti-Israel speech and the Obama Administration support for the UN Resolution that condemns Israel for Jewish Settlements in the land of Jewish heritage.

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Learning About Landforms - YouTube This is the best video I found for landforms, the boys actually were interested in it.

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the nut jokes

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lol I like both versions <<<yeah but the second version is hotter xD

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I’m gonna find, and I’m gonna kill, every last one of them. #tlou

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My work truck AND my work! Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

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