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Melbourne Renovated Victorian Family Home

Rain chains direct rainwater from roofs to barrels for collection. Spotted in Monocle issue 45.

Grand Rapids Gutters - Gutter Drainage Using Drain Tile, Rain Chains, Rain Barrels


Another- Gorgeous windchime, suncatcher with crystal beads ! I'm in love!

Love the skeleton key heel

Goth Steampunk Victorian Key Heel Boots Unlock This Brown Black Platform Damask

Too Fast Steampunk Unlock This Lace Brown Chain Victorian Key High Heel Boot in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Shoes, Boots

Rain Chains | Make:

Rain Chains

DIY Hacks and How Tos Rain Chains instead of sometimes unsightly downspouts. Disperses the water evenly around the area instead of creating a gully effect. Perfect for corner gardens that round your house.

Victorian Trading Co Rain Chain Floral Garden Decoration Free Ship NIB

Ottoman Chandelier

Ottoman Chandelier with chain and blue jewels! Would be great in a bohemian room with rich colors.