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Victorian Outdoor Folding Chairs

Picnic Table: Eat and Go ::: Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic on a summer day. Now it’s easier than ever with this stow away briefcase. Inside of this wood and metal rimmed briefcase is a folding table-and-stool set. So why bring blankets and sheets when you can be sitting poshly in these chairs.


I like the idea of mismatched chairs for big gatherings. It reminds me of the dinner parties we had in college- except then our mismatched chairs were cheap fold-out chairs and desk chairs.


Glamour & Camping. Sumptuous chintz roses are spattered across a field of buttery yellow cotton canvas. This romantic lawn chair folds into carrying case.

from TreeHugger

LifeEdited: What We Can Learn From Camping Equipment

LifeEdited: What We Can Learn From Camping Equipment : TreeHugger British campaign furniture. Just like home but fold up into nothing for transport to the next camp. I wonder if we can get plans...

from CaptJimsCargo

Campaign Folding Chair 36" Portable British Camp Outdoor Furniture

CaptJimsCargo - Campaign Folding Chair 36" Portable British Camp Outdoor Furniture, ( This campaign style chair is an authentic reproduction of a Victorian era British campaign knockdown camp chair. It is very easy to fold up, is sturdy and is easily carried.

from Charles & Hudson

Camp in Style with a DIY Folding Tripod Stool

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Une villa pleine de contrastes à Melbourne


The white Victorian Cottage.

Sunroom A marble-topped French garden table, folding chairs and an old iron bedstead used as a day bed fill the sunroom.


Product Details: This folding salon chair made of rich rosewood; canvas and leather seat and back, with a folding side-tray is an outstanding example of Victorian campaign design. It was popularly used to furnish railway Salon cars of Indian Maharajas. Due to the strength and durability of the materials and construction and its easy portability the chair is perfectly suited for outdoor use or to compliment your home or office. Use it to park yourself anywhere in luxury and comfort…