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Victoria Principal Capricorn


Actress/business woman Victoria Principal turns 66 today - she was born 1-3 in 1950 - she was one of the stars on Dallas which took to the air first in '78


This costume is from La Danse. The V says : “ Green and gold silk Brocade, Bodice and Train lined with shot green silk, trimmed with gold Lace, Jewels of Sapphires, Emralds (sic), Pearls, Gold Tassels, Blue Ninon Scarf printed in gold design. Headdress of Pearls with Feather Mount, Lace Sleeves, Necklace. Sundries, Skirt and Bodice embroidered and jewelled. £35.10.0’ (about £2,400 today, in 1910 £35 would have paid a craftsman builder for 107 days’ work).