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10 Heartbreaking Stories of Feral Children

Victor ‘the Wild Boy of Aveyron’ is another name on the list that you may sound familiar. Some say that he could be the first documented cause of autism, but he is definitely a well known case of a child that was left alone in the wild. At the end of the 18th century, several people saw Victor wandering in the Saint Sernin sur Rance woods, which is located in southern France. Victor was captured a first time and somehow escaped.

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Jean Itard (1774-1838), Mémoire et Rapport sur Victor de l'Aveyron. L'enfant sauvage. Le naturel versus le culturel. L'inné versus l'acquis.... Victor of Aveyron, a so called feral child. The observational rapport by Itard (1801,1806) (In French) states behavioral traits which have later been associated with autism.

"Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron,

▶ L'enfant sauvage From an OLD movie (in french) about Victor of Aveyron. This is another heart breaking case study that is often used to explain the importance of interaction with parents, toys, other children in a child's development of motor, cognitive, social and communication skills.

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"BETTER TIMES WILD WORLD HUMANITY THAT SAVAGERY OF HUMANITY" BY JEAN ITARD .... (Memory on the early development of Victor of Aveyron) (1801) .........