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Victim Support Jobs

If you say Trump supporters aren't racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and so much more, you're part of the problem. The only way they could not be those things is if they're so fucking privileged they can "look past" all this. Not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters.


The Emergency Fund, Inc. When I left my abuse-ridden marriage, I had no money, no job, and no insurance. By the grace of God, I found people to help me solve all three problems…eventually. I want to form a charity that allows domestic abuse victims to leave their relationships …without suffering from lack of proper therapeutic support …without experiencing financial ruin. Without therapy and money, many domestic abuse victims return to their abusive relationships.


Not only the troops but for every single soul that died that day. My thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones who miss them so much. R.I.P Gone, but never, forgotten.


Unfortunately when I did this a week after it happened I was shunned and terminated from my job- completely humiliated and laughed at. But I would like to think that maybe somewhere a rape victim that is brave enough to report it will actually be supported and not punished.


The problem isn't guns or abuse of power. The problem is with people being raised to hate by parents who have never done an honest's days work on their own teaching their children life has no value and to take what they want, when they want it and then cry victim to get a settlement...parents hustling the system using their GOOD kids to hit the jackpot....and an Administration empowering all of it.


Tell us all again how hard you have it since you chose to quit your job and live off child support and welfare.