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Budget update: I'm disappointed, but there's a better path -

2014; The same government that says flu shots are safe and fluoride is good for you also says horrific torture methods support "freedom and human dignity" -

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Exactly...until you've lived this life, you have no clue what an abused person is dealing with and therefore no right to judge their decision to stay. Put the onus on the abuser, not the abused. NO ONE deserves this type of treatment. Whether they stay or leave is irrelevant.

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Unfortunately when I did this a week after it happened I was shunned and terminated from my job- completely humiliated and laughed at. But I would like to think that maybe somewhere a rape victim that is brave enough to report it will actually be supported and not punished.

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Do you need a visa to study abroad? Visit your country's consulate/embassy website for requirements. Visa processing takes some time, so get started early! You may also need travel visas for other countries you might visit. And NO, a visa is not a credit card.

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