VICE on HBO Season One: The Hermit Kingdom ... At least watch the last 5 minutes if you don't have time... but do watch it in full, it's a fascinating universe over there.

VICE/HBO first half on how american tobacco corporations hold hostage health of children in developing countries.

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Vice- FULL SEASON 1 on YouTube! Vice is a documentary TV-series that covers topics using an immersionist style of documentary filmmaking. Journalists go to different parts of the world interviewing people on political and cultural topics. Subjects include political assassinations, young weapons manufacturers, child suicide bombers, Indian and Pakistani border politics, the Chinese one-child policy, climate change, and bonded laborers in Pakistan's brick kilns.

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VICE on HBO Season One: Fighting Chances (Episode 8) - YouTube || Laamb wrestling in Senegal and the devastation that is already a result of climate change...

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VICE/HBO: America responds to kids bringing guns to schoolsby giving guns to teachers. Interestingly enough, it's church school. Three things that should never be together :S also refuses to acknowledge effects of uranium thrown on iraq

An eye opener reportage - VICE on HBO Season 2: Greenland Is Melting & Bonded Labor (Episode 2)

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VICE/HBO first half on sectarian, fundamental polygamists and their inbreeding along with all too commonly asked question these days: "how could have this happened in america"?

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China’s “one child” policy, coupled with a longstanding cultural predilection for male babies, has created a market where marrying-age men outnumber women by the millions.

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Watch a Sneak Peek of This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Segment About Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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