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"If one more person asks if my veteran hat is my husbands I might lose my mind. I AM A FEMALE VETERAN. "

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Respect- I NEVER pass someone w/ a veteran hat on, without stopping to show my respect--thank the person, and to say "God Bless You" for your service & sacrifice. They deserve it!! My 5 yr old grandson does the same.


Lillyn Brown Actoress Lillyn Brown (1885–1969)], ca. 1920A veteran of vaudeville and musical theater, Lillyn Brown’s show business career began in 1894 when she left her home in Georgia with a traveling minstrel show. Born Lillian Thomas to an African American mother and Iroquois father, Brown initially performed as the “Indian Princess” but soon acquired the role of male impersonator (or “interlocutor”) billed as “Elbrown” or “E. L. Brown,” developing an act in which she wore top hat…


For all we served with, in all forces. All faiths, colors, religions and differing politics. We are bound together by tolerance and acceptance. WE salute our Vets..from any conflict or war. Thank You.


The Stetson tradition is believed to have been originated in early 1964 by LTC John B. Stockton (Commander 3/17 Cavalry) at Ft Benning,GA. The hat was adopted in an effort to increase esprit de corps in the new air cav squadron and was meant to emulate the look of the 1876 pattern campaign hat worn by cavalry troopers long ago. Once deployed to Vietnam , the custom slowly spread to other air cav units, and by the cessation of hostilities, virtually all air cav units had adopted the Cav hat