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Vespa Malaysia

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The Design & Branding titled WIN THE CHASE was done by Y&R Kuala Lumpur advertising agency for brand: Vespa in Malaysia. It was released in the Nov Motorcycles


Santiago Guillen n Antonio Veciana, rode a Vespa named ‘Dulcinea in 1962, taking just 79 days to ride 18,937 miles (30,500 km) thru 17 countries, to beat record in Jules Vernes’ classic tale ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, Their route took them from Spainm, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan n India. Then by ‘plane to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong n Japan, n then rode across USA b4 rtrng to Spain via France. ‘Dali Scooter’ as now known, at display Piaggio’s museum, Pontederra, Italy

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Around the world on a Vespa: Man completes epic 10,000 mile journey from Adelaide to London on his beloved scooter

Asia: The Vespa is pictured here parked up outside a colourfully decorated business in Malaka, Malaysia as Mr Milne journeyed through South East Asia


Tee designs for Vespa Sprint Adventure from SlothK! Do check out and follow their journey via Instagram and FB page! #vespasprintadventure #slothstudio #slothk #tee #design #line #ink #art #Malaysia Nasi Lemak

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Renting a Scooter in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Renting a scooter in Georgetown, Penang was such a fun way to get around and sight see. It's cheap and gives you way more freedom. Find out where to rent, how to get the best price and where to get this beautiful white Vespa!