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Vespa Cost

Vespa wrap – get an image you like, zip through to your nearest showroom and ask the pro’s at Vespa for a quote. Wrap it now, unwrap it later and your Vespa will still look like a beauty. Call 08610 83772 for more.


Vespa Segway electrica (Diseño y fabricación a mano En España) JAMSO loves the idea of electic motorbikes. We are goal setting and KPI experts. To find out more follow on twitter @jamsovaluesmart or online


Vespa, very nice. The name reportedly originated when Piaggio's president upon seeing the prototype, remarked "Sembra una vespa", "It looks like a wasp".


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Montmartre Quarter, Paris XVIII. A city of amazing sights! Not far from here is the outdoor elevator that takes you up more than 300' up the side of the this city!!!


Two thirds of the project completed. The top screw remains unpaintedndemonstrating the cosmetic improvement of the two painted screws below. Given how much Vespas cost, you’d expect them to be shipped with fully matching body hardware. #paint #rear #screws #tail #vesparize

We need to get one of these in France @Julie Ward! I can just imagine your hair blowing in the breeze of the side car.... ;-)