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9 Things Your Fingernails Reveal About Your Health

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vertical ridges on nails caused by malnutrition (esp iron and protein). may be normal

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Vertical nail ridges are not a concern

Warnings Signs Your Fingernails May Be Sending (vertical ridges = amino acid deficiency, diet is low in protein or weak digestive juices. Making sure to get enough easy to digest protein is key. White spots on nails = low zinc status (and low stomach acid ). A zinc deficiency doesn’t mean you need a zinc supplement, but more a sign of a poor diet and/or weak digestive juices due to slowed metabolism).

Common causes of ridges on nails Nails are comprised of Keratin (protein) a tough substance that protects the end of each finger and toe. The following is a list of possible causes as to why vertical ridges may appear on the nails: It is traditionally believed that ridge formation on the nails relates to a possible weakness in the digestive tract that results in compromised assimilation of nutrients (leaky gut, allergies, food sensitivities, maldigestion) Malabsorption in the…

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Nail Diseases and Disorders Onychorrhexis are brittle nails which often split vertically, peel and/or have vertical ridges. This irregularity can be the result of heredity, the use of strong solvents in the workplace or the home, including household cleaning solutions. Although oil or paraffin treatments will re-hydrate the nail plate, one may wish to confer with a physician to rule out disease.

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