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Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Make a Spine! Students will see how the backbone of a vertebrate animal is made up of both bones (mints) and cartilage (gummies) which allow it to bend and move. The best part -- it doubles as a tasty treat!

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Vertebrate Animals | Educational Video for Kids - YouTube; great intro to vertebrate animals, but doesn't talk about the specific grps (C1; W6)

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Vertebrates vs Invertebrates

Students investigate vertebrates and invertebrates with this engaging, hands-on science activity to determine the purpose of the backbone.

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Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Animal Classification Tabbed Booklet

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Tabbed Booklet. This vertebrates and invertebrates booklet is a great way to focus on animal classification along with main idea, vocabulary, writing, and learn about of course - vertebrates and invertebrates!Unfortunately, with the large demands on reading and math from Common Core, science is often pushed to the side.

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Invertebrates & Vertebrates Graphic Organizer

Great graphic organizer for studying invertebrates and vertebrates. Can use this as a study guide, quiz, or assessment.

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