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Rennet for cheese making The good news is that there is a vegetable alternative. Rennet can be made from Lady Bedstraw, Stinging Nettle, and Thistle flower. Thistle cardoon is considered the best choice. Harvest the drying thistle heads before they produce white fluff. Do not use heads with fluff, they will not make rennet.

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Stinging nettles can be used as a vegetable rennet in cheesemaking! Not only for soup, pancakes and tea...

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Homemade Vegetable Rennet

[CHEESE/GOATS] ---- Homemade Vegetable Rennet (*Vegetable rennet is a natural enzyme that coagulates milk and separates the curds and whey when you are making cheese.)

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Vegetarian Rennet “DCI Supreme”

How To Make Nettle Rennet For Cheesemaking

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How To Make Thistle Rennet For Cheesemaking

Bull Thistle - How to make thistle rennet for cheesemaking

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Vegetarian Rennet “DCI Supreme”

Vegetarian Rennet,Dci,Supreme

Marschall Microbial Coagulant Rennet Tablets

Marschall Microbial Vegetarian Rennet Tablets | Vegetarian Rennet Cheese | The Cheesemaker

How To Make Nettle Rennet For Cheesemaking

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