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Plant Structure and Adaptations. Come explore plant structure and the many adaptations that make plants true survivors. This clip briefly compares vascular and nonvascular plant structure before jumping into several plant adaptations. We'll also talk about the three reactants important for photosynthesis and how plants obtain them.

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Vascular and Non Vascular Plants Chart | 5th Grade - Vascular vs Non-vascular Plants - the Venn Diagram says it ...

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VASCULAR PLANTS - Hank introduces us to one of the most diverse and important families in the tree of life - the vascular plants. These plants have found tremendous success and the their secret is also their defining trait: conductive tissues that can take food and water from one part of a plant to another part. 11:54 minutes.

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Apologia Botany ~ Lesson Plan 1B and 2

Powerpoint shows and lesson plans for teaching vascular and nonvascular plants - perfect to use with Apologia Botany

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Summer Learning Loss: The Problem and Some Solutions

The Plants: “Kings and Queens” of the World of Green Angiosperms: Vascular Plants with “Flowers”

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