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"Wheel of Fortune" by Audrey Flack. Meeting this artist on Tuesday at her private honorary dinner! Preparing to be star-struck...

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Vanitas (macabre) - A still life. A very, very still life. Simon Renard de St. André (1613 or 1614-1677) was a painter and copperplate engraver born in the 17th century in France. In his lifetime, he was regarded as a highly skilled portraitist. [1] He is remembered today for his vanitas paintings, which contain symbols that remind the viewer of the transcience of life and wealth.

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Simon Luttichuys, Vanitas still life with skull, books, prints and paintings by Rembrandt and Jan Lievens, with a reflection of the painter at work. 1635 and 1640

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Pieter Claesz (c. 1597–1 January 1660) was a Dutch Golden Age still life painter ~ "Vanitas - Still Life", 1625

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Allegory of Charles I of England and Henrietta of France in a Vanitas Still Life (after 1669). Carstian Luyckx. Oil on canvas. Birmingham Museum of Art. Refers to the troubled reign of Charles I (1625-1649) and eventual execution. His attempts to expand monarchical power led to two civil wars and a subsequent conviction for high treason. Many of the elements in this painting are common to vanitas works and symbolize the fragility of life, such as the bubbles, skull, and just-snuffed candle.

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New narrative still life paintings and drawings by graphic artist David Cahill. Check out more images at his portfolio website

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Master Painting Old Violinist | Edwaert Collier Still Life with Books and Manuscripts and a Skull

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