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from Passion Passport

This week Passion Passport is featuring the on-going journey of the traveling duo known as Hair Ventures. In our final piece, Jonathan offers their advice on living in a tiny van, on a tiny budget.


I always said that security is the main thing I worry about when living and travelling in my van. It’s the only reason I’m never too keen on staying around big cities for too long. My van is pretty easy to break into You can non destructively get in without a key by using a …


Next big dream :) Hello there! I am Frank Cozzolino and with my beautiful girlfriend Marina we love to sail vlogging and documentary making. Together we founded our Youtube channel "FRARINA" which is all about sport and outdoors activities and travel documentaries. Whereas FrancisCozzolino is my personal Youtube channel where I will post our vlogs. =======Youtube======== Frarina: =======Foundrising===== Patreon:…