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Vampire Weekend Tour

The lighting design for this Modern Vampires of the City Tour is gorgeous and thrilling. EK and CB // VW at Festival Poupet, July 9, 2013.


What Actually Happened On My Friday The 13th Night Flight

BY LISA MARIE BASILE I flew out of New York and into New Orleans on Friday the 13th once a few years ago. It was for a quick trip - a weekend glossed in debauchery and purposefully-chosen haunted hotel rooms with elaborate millwork, and walking vampire tours - the kind of trip where you get drunk in an absinthe bar and flee down the street without paying your tab. You run past a junk shop with pornographic picture books, you stand bleary-eyed in front of an old building said to house…

If this place looks very familiar to you, you are not mistaken, as this has been a place for numerous motion pictures. One of which that you might be familiar with is the “Interview with the Vampire” starred Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The tour guide briefly mentioned that the house was painted dark to go with mood of the film. She also added that Brad Pitt was just here a couple of days ago. He visits the plantation once in a while, since he owned a house in New Orleans. It’s only an hour…


Voodoo/Cemetery Tour NOLA - Ghost Tour - The Cemetery and Voodoo Tour offered by Historic New Orleans Tours (tel. 800/979-3370 or 504/947-2120; www.tourneworlean...) is consistently fact- and not sensation-based, though no less entertaining. Read more: