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Okay I actually do like Twilight... most of it at least but I couldn't help love this!

Johnette Napolitano is the epitome of cool. One of their best songs. I definitely do not own the rights to any of the content in this video.

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#Repost @_picolo #tbt Vampire song #adventuretime #marceline #marshalllee I miss colors on my feed but probably won't have the time to paint anything in the days to come #me

-From "I'm Not a Vampire" by Falling in Reverse- I like the part that's like, "If home is where my heart is then my heart has lost all hope!"

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Detalles acerca de Vampiro canciones-música desde el castillo de Drácula/1997/Dominion Entertainment- mostrar título original

Vampire Songs - Music From Dracula's Castle / 1997 / Dominion Entertainment #SpecialEffects

(HQ digital stereo remaster) There are four Concrete Blonde videos that are not on their 2002 DVD compilation Still In Hollywood - so again stereomusicvideo comes to the rescue. This is the first one, the third single and title track from their 1990 album. Almost a clean copy, and much better quality than the other copy on YouTube. Also the...

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What kind of guys fall for you?

I got: Bad Boys! This is the of guy to have an eternity with. They will love you forever and make sure you have a good time and protect you while at it. But however you need to keep them in check they tend to get themselves in trouble but besides all of that they are fun, loving (towards you) and protective. ALSO THEY ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY!! <3 What kind of guys fall for you?

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