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Vampire academy

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Rose Hathaway Tattoos, Vampire Academy

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Vampire Academy Tattoo - Guardian's Promise Mark

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Spirit = Lissa, St Vlademir, Ms Karp, Adrian, Oksana, Avery and Robert Duru Alchemist = Sydney Fire = Cristian, Tasha, Ralf and Jesse Earth = Victor, Natalie and Ibraham Mazer Water = Mia and Jill Air = Kenneth and Rhonda + Avery (liar)

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Fandom symbols. THG, TLOTR, the advengers , doctor who, the walking dead, I guess Percy Jackson but I have not read the books (don't judge ) XD

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These three words mean more to a VAddict then you'll ever know!

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Vampire Academy

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Dhampir with the Molnija tattoo

Vampire academy index

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Promise mark

Promise mark from vampire academy. I so want this someday. Tattoo idea design on the nape of the neck

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Vampire Academy

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