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Charcoal Geometric Value Drawing - like this as an art journal activity to start working on blending / charcoal skills

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Download the following apps tonight here: 123D Catch 123D Design 123D Model 123D Creature 123D Sculpt

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What you are going to learn: Learn to control the pressure that you use to apply to a pencil when you create a wide variety of values - especially light and mid-values. Learn to gradually transition values (fading effect) Practice shading techniques (use hatching, cross-hatching or blending)

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Learn about Value Drawing - The Key to Realism. Value drawing can be used to create an image that feels so real and spacious that it seems like you could reach right into it! It helps us create believable space, mood, atmosphere and various "special effects" in our pictures.

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Artist: tumblr user ak47. I was very impressed by the use of crosshatching in this image. The varying directions and intensities allowed for numerous and distinctive faces on this rock.

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Digication e-Portfolio :: Pickerington High School Central Art Department :: Grid-Value Drawing

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