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Value Definition In Art

Read more Ai Weiwei quotes at I definitely know people who are shameless enough to give up basic values. I see this kind of art, and when I see it I feel ashamed. In China they treat art as some form of decoration, a self-indulgence. It is pretending to be art. It looks like art. It sells like art. But it is really a piece of shit."

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What Is Value in Art?

What is the Definition of Value in Art? -

The Art of Being a Jew/How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Lisa Kokin. Altered book, thread, 1.5 x 8.5 x 1 inches, 1999


Jan Showers | Blog | WHAT'S CHIC NOW 2014 Artwork by Michael Williams “White zebra” rug by Kyle Bunting HIRING A GOOD ART ADVISOR OR GETTING TO KNOW YOUR MUSEUM’S CONTEMPORARY CURATOR---there is an art to buying ART. Best done with the advice of a truly good and honest ADVISOR or a CURATOR. Decorative art will never increase in value and who wants a copy? Definitely NOT chic.

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Dramatic difference: how arts teachers changed my life

Dramatic difference: how arts teachers changed my life - At the recent State of the Arts debate at the Southbank Centre, Dave Moutrey celebrated the value of an arts education. Here’s his speech


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10 Best Values in Liberal Arts Colleges, 2015: We rank our top 100 public colleges and universities based on our definition of value: a quality education at an affordable price.