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Penguin Thermos Vacuum Flask

Using a Shop Vacuum for Dust Collection

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The Artist Who Puts Couples in Vacuum Packs | VICE | United . Kingdom creepy but interesting from an artistic standpoint


Central vacuum eco-vent floor thing ever, worth the cost of the central vac system. Brooms away the beach sand.

Collections Etc Grandma Upright Vacuum Cleaner Cover

No place for your vacuum cleaner? Dress it up with this whimsical cover. It s styled to look like a grandma, with a long skirt to slip over the vacuum handle. Fits most upright vacuums. Cotton/polyest

You need to watch how this vacuum sucks out blackheads (if you dare)

Fire truck birthday party. Everything built from cardboard boxes and painted with acrylic paint. Vacuum hose hooked up to "hydrant". Picture only.


Portable Auto Vacuum Wet And Dry

Clean up messes in a jiffy with this portable auto vacuum. Simply plug it into the accessory plug for easy removal of wet or dry spills. It features a flexible three-foot hose and comes with brush, crevice and nozzle attachments. It’s so versatile th


BLACK+DECKER™ Compact Lithium Hand Vacuum Kit - Dark Tech Grey HNV220BCZ01