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IKEA - VARIERA, Vacuum hose holder, Can be mounted on the inside of the cabinet to make it easier to store your vacuum cleaner.

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Can it be made flush with floor so vacuum cleaner can just roll in? Laundry Room - Kitchen Design Pictures | Pictures Of Kitchens | Kitchen Cabinet Ideas | Cabinetry Gallery

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Sometimes, getting motivated to start cleaning is a challenge. And when the closet is a mess of bottles, sponges and a wild vacuum hose, it can feel nearly impossible. With smart interior organisers like these, finding the right bottle or spray is much easier, which makes getting the cleaning done a little more likely.

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#USAshopping #9: 10 Space Saver Bags for Reusable Long Term Vacuum Storage

Good idea for a vacuum, stick in any utility area: mud room, hall, laundry, etc Entry storage

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The laundry room… how it gets away with being called that we will never understand. It holds cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, tool boxes and, if you’re like most of us here at Brit + Co., crafting supplies and glamping gear. Organizing that multi-tasking space is a must if only for your sanity. So we’re bring you 20 laundry room organization hacks that will make you actual like doing laundry... maybe.

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Here was simple idea to get the central vacuum hose off the floor. I had this hose hanger and figured if it worked for and outside hose it would work for an indoor one as well. Make sure you use drywall screws to support all the weight.

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