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Vacum bags

Designer sends models down catwalk vacuum-packed in plastic bags

All in the name of fashion: Models were displayed in a vacuum pack for Iris Van Herpen's AW14 show

31 Genius Essential Oil Tips

genius essential oil tip #9 (of 31)- there's even a FREE PRINTABLE of all 31 ideas!! -- Love this one! Who doesn’t want their house to smell fresh & clean every time you vacuum?!! It’s simple– all you do is put a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or EO combination) on a small piece of a napkin or tissue and then vacuum it up. As you vacuum, your whole house will smell AMAZING!


Vacuum Seal Your Plastic Bags With Nothing More Than A Bowl Of Water

How to vacume seal a bag: We all know the struggle of keeping food fresh when we aren’t able to use it right away. Do we use a plastic bag or is this something that belongs in Tupperware? Maybe a Ziploc bag inside of Tupperware? It’s always a tough decision! There are so many different ways to maneuver around the cooking...


Zoom Supply Proteam 107314 Vacum Bags, Industrial-Grade Proteam SuperCoach Vacum Bags, SuperCoach Pro 6 Vacum Bag Filter

Vacuum cleaner for the stable... A horse that's terrified of a Leaf will not be cool with a giant loud yellow sucking machine.


space saver vacum pack bags for home storage

Traditional MREs can be very expensive and are jam packed with sodium and preservatives...instead gather meal items and snacks from a local grocery store and vacuum seal them into Full Day Bug Out Meal Kits.