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19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah // Bryce Canyon is home to the largest collection of hoodoos in the world. Hoodoos are unique rock formations created by uneven erosion and weathering, giving them a distinctive and unmissable appearance. At Bryce Canyon, you will also find woodland, wildlife and caves, making it a hiker’s paradise. At night, the lack of local light sources create the perfect location for stargazing with unparalleled starry skies.

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~ Ghost Town ~ Ophir, Utah - Ghost Town that was Redesigned & Populated as a Small Town....

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« Autumn Aspens »by Nikolyn McDonald showcases nature’s golden glory of these trees in the fall. Their yellow and orange foliage is complemented by the blue of the Southwestern sky. season,road,vista,landscape,trees,leaves,color,populous,scene,scenic,gold,gravel,natural,utah,boulder mountain,dixie national forest,view,viewpoint,grass,deciduous,colony,stand,grove,clonal,complementary,october,panoramic,panorama,crop,nikki,nikolyn,mcdonald

Dont fall west, but lean east for JADE HELM 15

JADE HELM More Clues: question the legal status of territories like California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Reconquista (Mexico) The Hispanic and Latino American population in the United States in 2010 and the "Mexican–American border of 1836 in red". – wikipedia Wow!… knocks you down? It did me. clues: AZTLAN, LA RAZA thugs, Fast & Furious deal, TPP deal, China wants US disarmed, North American Union

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is generally known for a few things throughout the country: the greatest snow on earth, the arches in southern Utah, having one of the largest populations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormons), and having one of the highest natural opioid deaths, in 2015, in the country, according to the Centers for Disease (CDC). How can that be? The LDS population in Utah is known for their morals of not partaking in alcohol, tobacco, and other mind altering substances.

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Utah asks U S Supreme Court to uphold polygamy ban in ‘Sister Wives’ ap...

Just west of Zion National Park, this picturesque ghost town was established by zealous 19th-century Mormon pioneers, who planted fruit orchards and irrigated farm fields alongside the Virgin River. It seemed like an agricultural utopia – until spring floods and armed conflicts with Native American tribes discouraged most settlers from making a permanent home here. The last residents only left in the 1940s, and the ghost town has been restored painstakingly since then.

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Native American Ute Indians, known as the People of the Shining Mountains. The Ute were a nomadic tribe that wandered Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, and had a spiritual relationship with Mother Earth, and in particular the hot springs near Pike’s Peak. In 1874, Chief Ouray signed the Brunot Treaty, which opened the mountains to white settlement.

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When you look at this Klamath Basin redband trout you have to look all the way back to the ancient pluvial lakes that formed in the cold wet seasons of the last glaciation. Klamath Basin Redband likely found their way into ancient Lake Modoc from other interconnected pluvial lakes and as the glaciers receded the rain lessened and the lakes dried up stranding populations of redband trout in various basins from Oregon to Utah. Today these native trout inhabit the rivers and the lakes of the…