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USS Yorktown (CV-5) sank on June 7, 1942 in the battle of Midway as a result of battle damage and Japanese torpedo hits.

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Sinking a Carrier: Proof of Concept

USS Yorktown ship interior | USS Yorktown (CV-5) at the bottom, more than three miles down ...

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A massive bomb-burst rocks the USS Yorktown at the Battle of Midway.

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(June 6th, 1942) USS Yorktown (CV 5) engaging Japanese aircraft during the Battle of Midway. Three Val dive-bombers would cripple USS Midway before being sunk by Japanese Submarine I-168 on June 7th, 1942. [5660x4467]

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USS Yorktown (CV-5) American aircraft carrier Yorktown (USS Yorktown (CV-5), damaged by Japanese bombers during the battle of Midway 0n 4th June 1942. Photo taken from American heavy cruiser Astoria (USS Astoria (CA-34).

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USS Yorktown (CV-5) is abandoned after receiving damage from two Japanese aerial torpedoes, 4 June 1942.

Three Navy Grumman F4F-3-3A Wildcats of Fighting Squadron VF-5 from USS Yorktown (CV-5) flying in formation, circa 1941. [x-post -r-WarplanePorn]

USS Yorktown (CV-5) after being hit by Japanese bombs shortly after noon on 4 June 1942.