30 Uses for Vinegar | White wine vinegar is a must-have for any home From cleaning to deodorizing to bug repellent, it's an economical wonder worker. Got any other tips on ways to use vinegar? Share the wealth!

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Check out our list of 50 + uses for Vinegar around your home and more. One of the most versatile products available, and it's so inexpensive.

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Cleaning fruit - fill sink with water, add 1 C. vinegar, mix. Add all fruit/veggies and soak for 10 minutes. Water will be dirty and fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film. Great for Berries too--keeps them from molding.

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I'm sharing a quick and easy method for making a lovely scented vinegar that you can use to clean almost anything!

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Cleaning or bug spray (ants): Soak orange peels in vinegar for two wekks in a sealed mason jar. Then poour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Use for Cleaning or bug spray. This is great for ants.

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How to Make Scented Vinegar for Cleaning- This DIY cleaner made with citrus peels and herbs is easy to make and non-toxic. It cuts through grease with ease. Combines the cleaning power of vinegar and citus oil. If you love using vinegar for green cleaning but want to make it smell better, try this! All-natural, non-toxic cleaning. No essential oils.

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50 uses for vinegar around the house, laundry, office, car, garden, for beauty, health, and pets | DIY House Cleaning Ideas | Home Remedies | Natural Cleaning

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Unleash the power of white vinegar―an all-purpose cleaner, brightener, herbicide and more. Just a bit of this multitasker, straight up or mixed with water, can replace many pricier products huddled...

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20 ways that you can use vinegar in your home. Includes cooking tips using vinegar, cleaning tips using vinegar, and a gardening tips.

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