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Takers will use you for whatever you will give and when a better opportunity or piece of advice comes along, they will bail on you without any gratitude and go in their new direction to take from someone else. The thing to keep in mind is that takers don't think about anyone but themselves so they are not evaluating if you are good enough, they only evaluate what they want next and who can give it to them. For takers, relationships and people are disposable because they...

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Photo (The Good Vibe)

Looks like she got all that she needed and wanted out of me just to destroy another person that she was jealous of- but not really- the loser is the user- Not the one who fell for the fakery and lies- Users fake friendships to get what they want from you -sad and shameful to say the least

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Quotes, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Best Life Quote... - Curiano Quotes Life

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Stephanie-Marie on

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They will ignore you until they need you quotes quote girl life sad truth sad quotes ignore

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