The Middleham Jewel was found in the grounds of the castle in 1985 by a man who was using a metal detector in the area. The Middleham Jewel is a mid-15th century gold pendant with a 10 ct. blue sapphire stone. One side of the diamond shaped pendant is engraved with a representation of the Trinity and the other with a Latin inscription indicating that the pendant is a charm against epilepsy.

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Place an an Ad for Used Metal Detectors & Gear ....Go to and join for free to post your used equipment. Many people that become involved in metal detecting and treasure hunting will upgrade their equipment several times before they finally settle on the metal detector that is perfect for their needs. This means that there is a great market for used metal detectors that allows other people to acquire this used gear at a discount.

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How to clean rusted relics. Vinegar in microwave on high for 2 minutes, submerge relic in vinegar for 2 hours. (Hot vinegar will burn your eyes briefly).

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reddawnsurvivalist: “ Azan Knuckle Dusters ” Firearms aren’t the only items subject to stupid laws and restrictions. I’d love a set of these, or similar. Unfortunately, Texas has a whole list of...

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Kellyco has the highest quality, easiest-to-use metal detectors & metal detector supplies for novices and experts!

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Wesley Carrington, UK Man, Finds 156,000 In Roman Gold Coins On First Time Using Metal Detector

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Dig It As Long As It Gives A Signal! More useful tips for metal detectors on…

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