john deere birthday party food ideas | Make dirt cups by mixing chocolate pudding with crushed oreos. We used ...

John Deere Tractor Birthday Party! Food, Games, Favors & More!

Use New Holland instead of John Deere Tractor Party - Tons of food ideas, love the rice krispie hay bales in the tractor!

Make in mini Tec red cupcakes and put on top of green tinted Costco sheet cake. Use pretzel sticks for fence.

Pull Apart Cupcake Cakes Lots Of Cute Ideas

Waterloo Boy, where it all started. Deere bought the company and sold the tractor, but immediately began to design their own tractor based on this. When the D was introduced,  obviously it looked nothing like this. The same engine was used, although Deere rotated it 180 degrees so the combustion chambers faced the front of the tractor rather than the farmer. I believe the same transmission and final drives were used as well.

Learn about the oldest John Deere tractors starting with the Waterloo Boy (first sold) and Dain All-Wheel Drive (first produced).

Pin The Tire On The Tractor Game for a farm themed birthday! Love this. We would use red of course ;-)

Pin The Tire On The Tractor Game for a farm themed birthday! May have to do a dump truck variation for t's b-day