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5 Photography Tips to Help You Sell Your Used Furniture Online

Want to sell your old sofa online? Jenny Morrill, cofounder of the online used-furniture retailer @moveloot shares her top 5 tips for photographing your pieces to help them look their best and sell.


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Using A Dremel To Carve Designs Into Wooden Furniture That Is Already Scuffed Or Damaged That You Find For Cheap At Thrift Or Yard Sale! Imagine If You Burned Inside The Cuts?! Then Finished It?! Could Be Really Cool!!!


Using a dremel to carve designs into wooden furniture that is already scuffed or damaged that you find for cheap at thrift or yard sale! Imagine if you burned inside the cuts?! Then finished it?! Could be really cool!!!


Pallets have become the mainstay for creating inexpensive storage, furniture, decoration for home or retail display. These boxes made from pallets are a cheep, cheep way to make lifts for display. The best part of using the pallet boxes is that they can be used to carry goods to the sale sight, used for display and then they they can be sold as product is sold adding another level of profit.

Aplex — Apartment Complex PSD Template #psd #listing #agent • Download ➝
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Aplex — Apartment Complex PSD Template

Aplex — Apartment Complex PSD Template #psd #listing #agent • Download ➝