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I didn't get into used book stores until recently, but now that I am, I trade in books from when I was younger or sell them online just so I can get new books, and I'm obsessed.

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Used Book Gift Bookplate A fun bookplate for used book gifts. If you're giving a used book to a book-lover and don't want her to think you're trying to pass it off as new, just include this fun bookplate that tells the story. "This book has been used, but its words are still good." Good for fun, good for books, and good for the planet.

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Still life of used books, tea, glasses and candles on a wood table. by BONNINSTUDIO | Stocksy United

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Using the Who Was...? book series for homeschooling, the classroom, or just inspiration for discussions around the dinner table!

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heart 14 Sell Used Books on Amazon via Amazon's FBA Program

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How To Writing Mini Books using First, Next, Then & Last

Create"How To" mini books. Students learn to sequence events and write directions on how to do things that are familiar to them using first, next , then and last.

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There used to be a time where I read frequently, never traveling anywhere with a book I was reading and a second just incase I finished i...

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