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B A R B I E DOLL GANG HOE Pinterest: @jussthatbitxh ✨Download the app #MERCARI & use my code: UZNPKU to sign up, you can get free make up & other items

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B A R B I E DOLL GANG HOE Pinterest: @jussthatbitxh ✨Download the app #MERCARI & use my code: UZNPKU to sign up, you can get free make up & other items

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cookthechef: “ kimoth3rapy: “ The Incredibles Homework. Vector only poster re-design of one of our favorite movies, only allowed to use 3 colors. 2 hrs. ” Favorite Pixar movie ”

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B A R B I E DOLL GANG HOE Pinterest: @jussthatbitxh ✨Download the app #MERCARI & use my code: UZNPKU to sign up, you can get free make up & other items

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Chicken Avocado Burgers

I made these last night for my wife and i, definitely use the poblano or jalapeño for a little heat but they were amazing

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RENs cute nickname for Kelsey. Meaning "wife of my heart" Ren and Kishans dad used to call their mother that.

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i feel like i should have been born in a time where being a house wife and raising a family was acceptable...

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antidisestablishmentarianism was a political position during the Reformation. King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, so he split from Roman Catholicism. Those against him were "anti" the "disestablishment" of the church and thus, didn't approve of the budding Anglican Church, later known as the Church of England.- Source:

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His wife, Evie Colbert is really cool. :)             My mom used to tell me the same thing!!!
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So check this out... this is a fellow consultant, Brittany Cueller's husband, Josh. From Josh: 'When my wife started with Rodan + Fields and asked if I would use the products, I was skeptical to say the least. But I can now say they’re not only clinically-proven, but Cuellar tested and approved! But for me this is much more than skincare. I’ve loved watching my wife spark again as we have found an outlet in a crazy season of life. This business is a vehicle that has big

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The Farmer's Wife: Caramel Cinnamon Rolls. Want. Right. Now. this is the recipe my mom used on sunday mornings!! yummy!!

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Never underestimate the power of one…

This ONE man cut down a mountain to ensure the people of his village could get to the neighboring hospital, making the trip that used to be 70 KM to just 1 KM. His late wife was unable to get medical attention on time, & subsequently crumbled a mountain.

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Vegan black pepper tofu

vegan black pepper tofu recipe. looks like a delicious way to add protein to a vegetarian diet!

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These use the easy triangle method-these could all be done hoochy style ala' Mary Lou Weidman

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Cracked Up TatorTots with Instant Pot Ranch Chicken

Share with friends Cracked Up TaterTots with Instant Pot Ranch Chicken Hello, My name is Carla I have an obsession with my instant pot. They say admitting your addiction is the first step. The only thing is I don’t want to stop using my Instant Pot. Tonight I had a little experiment. I made Ranch …

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Prayer Of The Day - Fighting The Enemy

Prayer Of The Day – Fighting The Enemy --- Dear Lord, I pray for my marriage right now. It seems like my husband and I have been fighting against each other so much lately. We argue, we use unkind tones when we communicate, and we are spiraling [...]… Read More Here #marriage #love

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“Max out” means “to reach the maximum limit of something, or to use up all of something”. Example: My wife is a shopaholic. She’s already maxed out six credit cards this year, and now she wants another one!

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Bee In My Bonnet - Lots of quilt pics but I really like the colors she used in this block. Would be so cute for one of the Granddaughter's quilts.

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George Michael -- and this is how I met my wife. Performing this exact song. And yes, I did in fact travel to London solely for the express purpose of attending his concert. Just me and one male friend. And everyone thought we were a couple the entire night and after a while, we stopped arguing because no one believed for a moment that we were happily married to women with children back at home.

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