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Miss USA 2016 Dresses from Preliminaries

Miss North Carolina USA 2016 - The dresses from the Miss USA 2016 preliminary were HIT, MISS and somewhere in between. While an evening gown alone will never win you the pageant the wrong evening gown choice certainly can cost you the crown. Due to the competitiveness of this year’s Miss USA class the girls who land in the Top 10 will need to be bringing their “ain’t nobody standing between me and that crown” game to every phase of competition


Que faire à Chicago en 4 jours ?

Chicago, la 3ème plus grande ville des Etats-Unis, en plein milieu du pays est une destination formidable. J'ai adoré cette ville, je vous le raconte sur le blog


Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Predictions

I can’t remember a year that was so wide open! Any number of probably 25 contestants could truly walk away with the title. It’s going to be one of the ages, that’s for sure. In fact, in most years I could almost guarantee that the winner would come from almost any given prediction list, but this year I’m not so sure. Let’s take a look at some contestants who stand out!